What’s Your Business Financing IQ?

  • April 30, 2015

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How much do you know about business financing? Find out with this quick 10-question quiz.

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What best describes a business credit profile?

A. A metric used to determine if a business owner is eligible for a personal credit card

B. A way for lenders to determine the risk of a business as a borrower

C. A page on social media that lets customers review their satisfaction with a business

D. A handout that lets customers know what credit cards a business accepts for payment

True or False: Collateral is always required to get a business loan.



Which best describes an SBA loan?

A. A type of factoring

B. Startup funding from the Startup Business Association

C. Loans made by lenders such as banks, that are partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration

D. A cash advance

Which of these financing options require a business to accept credit card transactions?

A. Merchant Cash Advance

B. Factoring

C. Equity Financing

D. All of the above

Someone invests $25,000 in your business for a 10% ownership stake. This is an example of:

A. Debt Financing

B. Equity Financing

C. SBA Financing

D. Factoring

True or False: If you decide to borrow money from friends or family, you probably don’t need a written agreement.



Non-profit lending is a good fit for:

A. Smaller, local businesses

B. National corporations

C. Tech startups

D. Non-profit organizations

Which of the following is NOT true about a line of credit?

A. Interest is only paid on the amount of capital the business uses

B. There are both secured and unsecured lines of credit

C. You can get a line of credit from both bank and non-bank lenders

D. A line of credit is based on credit card sales

True or False: Your personal credit score is typically taken into account when applying for business financing.



Factoring is a good fit for:

A. Businesses with a lot of collateral

B. Established businesses with regular customers who pay large invoices by check

C. Businesses who receive most of their revenue in cash

D. Startups

Financing Newbie – 0-3 Correct Answers

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Financing Apprentice – 4-7 Correct Answers

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Financing Guru – 8-10 Correct Answers

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