Mentors and Local Advice

Navigating the world of small business financing can be challenging. Luckily, there are a number of trusted resources out there to help you with everything from advice on your business plan to securing financing for your existing business. The two most popular are Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and SCORE Chapters. Both programs have hundreds of sites across the US.

Score-SoloSCORE Chapters

Also supported by the Small Business Administration, SCORE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering small business owners through guidance and education. It is made up of thousands of volunteer business counselors, many of whom are former executives. The majority of their offerings are free, including online/in-person workshops, business counselling sessions, and a variety of business tools to help your small business achieve its goals. To learn more about SCORE, and to find your local chapter, look here.


logoSmall Business Development Centers

These free counselling centers are supported by the Small Business Administration. Each site works with local private, educational, and governmental institutions to provide small business advisement, training, and assistance. They boast over 900 locations in the US and its territories. To learn more about SBDCs, and to find the center closest to you, look here.